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Desktop Magnifier


Although you probably have something like this already installed on your system among "Accessibility" tools, you will immediately notice the difference. Unlike most screen-magnifying utilities, this one is actually useful, repositioning itself from category of accessibilities to a new one: necessities!


  • Fixed or mouse-following target
  • Adjustable magnification level 2x-32x
  • Adjustable refresh rate
  • Precise or smooth (antialiased) magnification
  • Shows mouse position on magnified image (optional)
  • Optional gridlines in desired color or raster (visible on any background)
  • Free-movable guidelines
  • Freezing, copying to clipboard and saving image to file
  • Toolbar with mostly used options
  • Statusbar with various information
  • User interface in English, German, French and Croatian
  • Detailed Help file
  • Other options:
    • Always on top
    • Snap to screen edge
    • Autostart with Windows
    • Saving settings and position on exit

Programmers and Web Designers

Anybody that has ever tried to make something on screen look really good soon found out that pixel-precise editing and aligning simply cannot be avoided. The only question is how to do it quickly and effortlessly? Since pixels are getting smaller and smaller due to increasing resolutions, sometimes you need exactly the same thing as if you were an old watchmaker - big magnifying lens revealing you the details you are not able to see on your own. Nowadays, the solution is Desktop Magnifier, with sophisticated options to customize and adjust it according to your needs.

Poor Sighted People

If you have problems with on screen reading because letters are just too tiny, giving you headache, tired eyes and a real pain in the neck, you belong to the second group of users that may find Desktop Magnifier invaluable. Specially for this purpose, we have added a smoothing option with various algorithms to make the enlarged text more readable and pictures look nicer.

Other Uses

Besides two mentioned, most obvious groups of users, Desktop Magnifier may occasionally be useful to anybody. From examining pictures to showing a small detail to a larger audience, especially if you have two or more displays attached to your computer.

Desktop Magnifier is a shareware product, which means that you may evaluate it for 30 days before you either purchase or uninstall it.

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