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Anniversaries Reminder

Current Release

Anniversaries Reminder 3.22

  1. Improved message dialogs
    • help button does not close the dialog
    • dialog always stays above the reminder window
  2. Setup optimization
    • new code and optimization resulted with some 20% smaller installation program
  3. Input form bugfix
    • day and month spin-edit fields order for advancing with [Tab] key is now correct regardless the selected date format

Releases History

Anniversaries Reminder 3.21

  1. Further improvements of anniversary record dialog
    • calendar control border was removed, allowing space for resizing if wider system font is used
    • check button caption "Anniversary has a starting year" renamed to "Show elapsed years"
  2. Calculation bugfix
    • built-in elapsed years calculation was not working correctly for all events, so it is now replaced with our own routine

Anniversaries Reminder 3.20

  1. Improved date editing in anniversary record dialog
    • added day, month and year spin edit controls for easier date editing either with mouse or with keyboard
    • added "Today" button for quick setting of current date
    • improved calendar control

Anniversaries Reminder 3.10

  1. Data export
    • new feature that exports anniversaries data to a CSV file for usage in other applications
  2. Avoiding too often autostarts
    • new feature that gives a choice between autostart on every system startup/logon or just once a day
    • keyboard shortcut for autostart option (Ctrl+A) has been removed

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