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Desktop Magnifier

Current Release

Desktop Magnifier 3.53

  1. Bugfix
    • now, in case of multiple monitors systems, fixed target window can be moved to any display

Releases History

Desktop Magnifier 3.51

  1. Fixed Target
    • brand new feature that enables magnification of a part of the screen regardless the current mouse position
  2. Remove guidelines
    • menu option to remove all guidelines instead of double-clicking or dragging each one

Desktop Magnifier 3.28

  1. Guidelines
    • brand new feature for easier precise aligning and painting
  2. Improved message dialogs
    • help button does not close the dialog
    • dialog always stays above the magnifier window
  3. Setup optimization
    • new code and optimization resulted with some 20% smaller installation program

Desktop Magnifier 3.25

  1. New localization routines
    • enabled user interface translation to any language without interventions in source code
    • new translations can be distributed separately to avoid new version notifications
  2. Better Online Help
    • online help now includes a full text search option

Desktop Magnifier 3.24

  1. Screensaver compliance
    • improved mouse position reading routine that caused occasional interferences with some screensavers

Desktop Magnifier 3.21

  1. New message dialog
    • standard system message dialog is replaced with a custom one, providing better design, full unicode support and custom buttons
  2. Magnification of transparent windows
    • if "Magnify Own Window" menu option is turned on, Magnifier will display any transparent window around the mouse, unlike the previous versions
  3. Bugfixes
    • improved detection of Desktop Ruler installation when launched from Magnifier
    • fixed a minor bug in new version detection

Desktop Magnifier 3.20

  1. New version check
    • menu options for automatic and manual checking to find out if there is a newer version without opening a Web browser
    • please note that from now on, registered users will not receive e-mail notifications any more

Desktop Magnifier 3.19

  1. Yet another bugfix
    • fixed a bug that sometimes caused "Floating point division by zero" error message
  2. Updated help file
    • added missing description for Always on Top function

Desktop Magnifier 3.18

  1. Single bugfix
    • fixed a bug that sometimes required user to have administrative privileges

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